Dashy Crashy


An endless runner where how you play depends on which car you choose



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Dashy Crashy is an endless runner where you drive a car full-speed down an endless multi-lane highway, while dodging all the traffic coming your way and completing different tasks to improve your score. The unexpected thing about this game is that each car has its own abilities.

From time to time, you can unlock new vehicles from the dozens available including anywhere from racing cars to delivery trucks. Depending on the type of vehicle, you have another objective in addition to getting as far as possible. For example, if you use the delivery truck, you have to collect boxes as you go that will increase the value of your journey.

In addition to swiping side to side to change lanes, you can also swipe up for a boost of speed, while some cars have have an added 'nitro' effect with this move. The great thing that Dashy Crashy offers is exactly this: it offers new game experiences while maintaining a common base. Since each vehicle behaves differently, you get a unique experience every time you play.
Dashy Crashy is a varied and fun endless runner

Dashy Crashy has been wearing out gamers' thumbs on iOS devices for over a year now while we Android users could do nothing but look on and sigh. Luckily, the wait is over and we can finally enjoy one of the best endless runners available for smartphones. In this title full of speed and zany crashes your side-swipe skills will prove key in determining how long you make it in one piece. (Hint: probably not long.)
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